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        was launched in February of 1996 by Stephen M. Chouest ("Chouest"), a Metairie attorney and former musician, and Randy Jackson ("Randy"), his long time friend and client who has made it big in the music industry in New York.

After Randy posted the initial page "Welcome to, Home of SMC Entertainment", Chris Tulsa helped with the initial concept and posted a number of pages. Local musician, Barry Hay, redesigned the pages, added pages with frames, composed original home page midi music, and started his own company, Web Page Graphics, as a web site design company.

Young Dave McCrory ("Dave"), a computer wiz kid, who has since grown and become a force in the national computer industry, contacted Chouest for legal advice concerning a software program he had written and which was getting media attention on local television. Dave taught Chouest about computer basics, which Chouest used to work on the development of the site.

Several years later, Brian & Brad Schoolmeyer noticed that the site needed a fresh look and they helped to redesign the site while attending Rummel High School, removing the outdated frames and the midi music pages while updating the format.

Chouest continued to develop and its purpose of developing a community based site, adding a popular 24 hour live Clearview Cam with an exterior video feed of Interstate 10 on top his building in 2002. He summarized historical information about Metairie, posted Metairie links, and responded to public e-mail requests for information. Yahoo and Google began to feature as its top ranked non-paid "Metairie" search result.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed Chouest's office building and the Clearview Cam. After nearly two years of planning and reconstruction, the building was completed and refurnished. A new Clearview Cam was placed on the building. However, the demands of post-Katrina recovery did not permit Chouest sufficient time to improve the site, update links, or to make the additional improvements to the site.

On July 1, 2009, partnered with Metairie’s only major television network affiliate, WGNO, ABC TV 26, adding live, local weather, news, and sports information on, plus frequent mentions and graphic displays during ABC 26 TV’s weather segments, featuring an on-air, live camera feed of Metairie’s current weather conditions near Causeway Boulevard.

Although has served as a community based website containing local content that has continuously maintained its web presence since February of 1996, Metairie’s purpose required ongoing professional site development and the inclusion of current weather, news, and sports information. After 13 1/2 years of non-commercial operation, the addition of new Metairie links, site marketing, and the addition of local weather, news, and sports information in 2009 created a need for commercial advertisers. Plans were announced in September of 2009 to provide free links for Metairie businesses and to provide targeted advertising for businesses that support Metairie's purpose.

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