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United States > Louisiana > Metairie > About Us was launched in February of 1996 by Stephen M. Chouest ("Steve"), a Metairie attorney and former musician, and Randy Jackson ("Randy"), his long time friend and client who has made it big in the music industry in New York.

After Randy posted the initial page "Welcome to, Home of SMC Entertainment", Chris Tulsa helped with the initial concept and posted a number of pages.  Local musician, Barry Hay, redesigned the pages, added some more pages, wrote the home page midi music and formed Web Page Graphics, a web site design company.

Young Dave McCrory ("Dave"), a computer wiz kid, contacted attorney Steve for legal advice concerning a software program he had written and which was getting media attention on local television.  Dave kindly infected Steve with Computerittis, that common computer addiction or mental infliction where no computer seems fast enough, no RAM large enough, no software new enough, etc.

Steve continued to develop and its purpose.



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