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If you are looking for Computer help on-line, you came to the WRONG place. You will not find any useful technical information about computers on this page. We already have a sufficient supply of our own difficulties that we are not presently in a position to help anyone else with their own computer problems.

So why did we put up this page?

In case you would like to HELP US! We are building a Metairie based Web Site which contains useful information for people in Metairie and information about Metairie, the oldest suburb of New Orleans. Other than the politics, we view Metairie as a part of the greatest city in the world, New Orleans. is another New Orleans Web Site with a Metairie specialization. New Orleans already has some outstanding sites on the web. We hope to contribute our part, with special emphasis on Metairie and Jefferson Parish.

We are looking to add historical information about the development of Metairie, unusual photographs of Metairie and New Orleans, useful data which will furnish new residents with basic information about the area, and general suggestions about the development of our Site.

IMPORTANT! If you send us any data, ideas or information, please make sure that you already have the legal right to let us use or post any data or information which you send to us. If you don't have the rights, please make sure that you clearly tell us who we need to get rights from. We don't want to invite a lawsuit by posting something on the net! Anyone who sends us any data or information thereby consents to its use or modification by us free of charge. By submitting the data or suggestions to us, you are agreeing that we may use, alter, or refrain from using all such information or materials, suggestions, thoughts, or information without any payment to anyone.

If you have any suggestions or information concerning the development of this site, if you have photos or ideas, or if you would like to help in its development, we would like to hear from you. Thanks for visiting!



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